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Lately, actor Kartik Aaryan has been on a non-stop schedule, barely finding a moment to rest. The actor has been busy promoting his upcoming film Chandu Champion. Kartik has been giving hits back to back and his films are loved by many. While the controversy of rising film cost stays a prevalent topic in the industry, the Shehzada actor also shared his perspective on the same.

Kartik Aaryan on rising entourage cost

As an actor, Aaryan believes in being involved in all aspects of the film, especially budgeting. “It’s not like I used to get a lot of money initially. When I reached a point where my fees could impact the film’s budget, and if I realised it was affecting the film’s journey, I adjusted my remuneration. My logic is you have to understand the economics behind a film. If it’s not going to be profitable, then everyone should chip in to make things work. It can’t be that only one person benefits while nobody else does; that is wrong,”

Talking about his film he said, “I haven’t slept in four nights: I’ve been in different time zones after the launch of the Chandu Champion trailer in Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh). I was in London for an event, then in Mumbai, followed by Delhi, Dubai, and now I’m back in Mumbai,”

The upcoming biopic marks a significant first in his career, centred on the life of freestyle swimmer Murlikant Petkar, India’s first Paralympic gold medalist. This project also represents Aaryan’s initial collaboration with filmmaker Kabir Khan. Reflecting on their first meeting, he says, “We were supposed to meet, and I thought the meeting would last maybe 15 to 20 minutes. But we ended up chatting for two-and-a-half hours, and I was very excited when he narrated Murli sir’s story to me.”

In the past, Aaryan has made decisions to prioritise the well-being of the film rather than demanding a higher fee. Notably, for his film Shehzada, he chose to become a co-producer. He also took a fee cut to help manage the film’s budget. With ongoing discussions about the rising costs of films due to actor’s entourages, Aaryan’s approach to these issues is insightful.

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