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A heated altercation erupted outside Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon’s residence in Mumbai’s Bandra last night. The incident, which began as a minor parking dispute later escalated into a controversy involving accusations of assault and rash driving. The commotion started when Ms. Tandon’s driver was reversing and attempting to park the actress’s car inside the premises. During this manoeuvre, another car approached the gate, leading to a standoff. Concerned about a potential collision, the occupants of the second car stepped out and confronted the driver.

The situation escalated, with crowds becoming aggressive and leading to a heated altercation. A viral video shows Raveena eventually pleading, “Please don’t hit me.” She has yet to issue a statement.

Khar Police confirms Raveena Tandon was not drunk

According to the police, no one was injured in the accident involving Raveena Tandon’s car. They stated that the complainant filed a false report against the actress and fabricated videos. When Raveena came to investigate and protect her driver, the mob attacked and abused her.

While in conversation with Mid Day, DCP Rajtilak Roshan of Zone 9 clarified the incident. He said,“The complainant gave a false complaint in the alleged video. We checked the entire CCTV footage of the society and found that the actress’s driver was reversing the car from the road into the society when this family was crossing the same lane. The family stopped the car and told the driver that he should check if people are behind the car before reversing. This argument started between them.”

“This argument escalated into abusive language, and actress Raveena Tandon arrived at the spot to check what had happened with her driver. The actress tried to protect the driver from the mob; however, the mob started abusing her. Both Raveena Tandon and the family went to the Khar police station and gave written complaints. Later, they both also submitted letters stating they did not want to register any complaints, he added.

DCP Rajtilak Roshan further emphasised, “Nobody was injured in this incident. We checked the CCTV footage, and the car did not hit anyone. The actress was not drunk.”

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