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Kiara Advani recently completed 10 years in Bollywood and celebrated the milestone with loved ones. In the decade gone by, the actress amassed millions of fans with her onscreen acting capabilities as well as her offscreen humility and loving personality. However, it seems like a few netizens have witnessed Kiara’s not-so-pleasant behaviour too. Recently, a cabin crew member recalled Kiara Advani’s entitled behaviour during a flight.

Cabin crew comments on Kiara Advani’s entitled behaviour

During an interview with the YouTube channel – SARA With Bhaichara, a cabin crew member described a negative experience with Kiara Advani. The crew member recalled Kiara once rudely refusing cashews and almonds from an air hostess and insisting her assistant be called to give them to her instead. The cabin crew member simply stated that the ‘Shershaah’ actress “has a lot of attitude.”

In the same chat, the cabin crew member also spoke about her experience flying with Janhvi Kapoor and Ananya Panday. Watch the clip from the interview here:

Netizens were taken aback as the clip began making the rounds on social media. Several social media users took to the comments section and slammed her for her rudeness. Fans of the actress defended her online, with one writing, “I have worked with both Kiara and Ananya. But my experience was quite the opposite. Kiara was very sweet and genuine, she behaved nicely with everyone.” Amidst all the hate and support, a user recalled her experience with the actress abroad.

Social media user recalls Kiara’s rudeness at a cafe

A social media user took to the comment section of the video and recalled a rude interaction with the actress at the cafe. Recalling the incident, the user wrote, “I was overseas on a trip and in a cafe. So, I picked up my coffee and sat down on the table next to hers, she was already there. I did not notice her. So, she and her company were leaving and she dropped something while getting up – her lip balm. It rolled over to my feet, I lifted it up. She literally saw me pick it up and turned away and started rushing, picking up her shopping bags. Another person was with her and they also started helping her pick things soon. (sic)”

The comment – now shared on Reddit, further read, “I called out to her a few times ‘Mam u dropped ur belongings’ and she didn’t respond. I let it go. Why would I chase her for a lip balm? After some time, the person who was with her came back to me and said, ‘Can I get Kiara’s lip balm back?’ I thought ki, ‘Haan, she looked similar to Kiara Advani. I asked them ‘When I was calling out to give it back you could have taken it. Why come back for it?’. His answer to that was, ‘Well, she is a celebrity. Hope you understand’. I gave him the balm and got back to my business. But to date, I am still trying to see what was I supposed to understand there? (sic)”

She continued, “What’s worse? He sanitised that lip balm right in front of me! I understand the germaphobic and ocd stuff that celebrities have but please don’t do it on someone’s face na. He could have done it after he got back to his dear celebrity. It’s a clean cafe, no dust that needs to be cleaned instantly. Tbh, unnecessary. But I am beyond all these shenanigans so I ignored. I have met a few celebrities in my life and the decent ones were those who you’d not even expect. (sic)”

What are your thoughts about Kiara Advani following these recent confessions?

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