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Kriti Sanon is undeniably in the best phase of her career. With two back-to-back hits – ‘Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya’ and ‘Crew’ – the National Award-winning actress has cemented her status as one of the hottest and most bankable stars in Bollywood. As she continues to scale new heights, Kriti’s aspirations and choices reflect her approach to her craft.

Kriti Sanon on playing complex characters

In a recent interview, Kriti shared her thoughts on portraying distinct characters, expressing a desire to explore more complex roles. “I’d love to play a complex, grey character – a departure from my own goody-two-shoes persona. So that, in the future, when asked if there’s a resemblance between myself and the character I’ve portrayed, I can confidently say, ‘I don’t think there is any’. That’s something I’m eager to embrace,” she revealed.

Kriti on working with Kajol in Do Patti

Kriti’s passion for the creative process extends beyond acting. She discussed her experience of turning producer with ‘Do Patti’ also starring Kajol. Kriti explained, “I wanted to be a producer because I love the creative process of filmmaking. In a few of my films as an actor – ones that I felt very passionate about – I realised I wanted to be involved in every aspect. It propelled me into production.

Her journey into production signifies a new chapter in her career, one where she can shape stories. “Being a producer allows me to have a say in the narrative, to influence the storytelling process. And to bring my vision to life,” she added.

With her eyes set on portraying multifaceted roles and her hands in the creative processes of filmmaking, Kriti is undoubtedly set for even greater success in the future.

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