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Lok Sabha Election 2019: Sunny Leone goes viral due to Arnab Goswami – watch video

Image Source - Instagram

The Lok Sabha Elections 2019 results are being calculated today. The only names that are trending on social media are those of political parties and that of primary candidates like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, etc. However, amidst all of that, we suddenly see Sunny Leone going viral all over, and the reason for the same is a goof up by Arnab Goswami on his prime time show about the election results.

Here’s what happened. While talking about the number of votes Sunny Deol has got at his electoral constituency, Arnab mistakenly said Sunny Leone. While he rectified his goof up immediately, but when you are live on national television, such goof ups are taken screenshots and videos of. The exact same thing happened, and the video of Arnab screwing it up on live TV is going viral all over. Have a look at the video right here:

Now, isn’t that funny? Sunny Leone wouldn’t be aware that she has suddenly become more viral than the election results. Fab goof up, Arnab!

Well, the whole nation is intently looking forward to seeing who would finally come on top and rule the nation for the next 5 years. From the current situation, it seems Narendra Modi is set to be back again. For the confirmation, we will still have to wait till the evening for the final results.

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