‘M Cream’ team to hold special screening for Naseeruddin Shah

The makers of ‘M Cream’ are conducting a special screening of the upcoming film for veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah, whose son Imaad is one of its lead actors.

“Before we release the film, we are doing a special screening. We have, of course, invited Naseeruddin Shah and he has agreed to attend the screening. Apart from him, many of the actors from the cast would be there including Barry John, Ira’s (Dubey) mother Lillete Dubey, who is a theatre actress.

“So I think they are very curious to see the film, and I’m really excited for them to see the film and see what their response is,” said director Agneya Singh.

The screening is scheduled for Wednesday, a week before the release of the film on July 22.

The film, which has been showcased at numerous film festivals across the globe and earned awards in 10 of them, has unveiled a special trailer for the Indian audiences after previously making one specifically for the festivals.

Asked if Naseeruddin had liked the trailer, Agneya said: “I don’t know if he has seen the trailer, I am sure he has but I don’t know what his reaction is. But I think I should ask him that.”

Apart from Imaad and Ira, the other lead actors in the film are Raaghav Chanana and Auritra Ghosh. The film traces a Road trip of four youngsters from Delhi to Himachal Pradesh to find M Cream, a magical form of the drug named hashish.

‘M Cream’ is produced by Vindhya Singh under the banner Agniputra Films.

Inputs from IANS