EXCLUSIVE: Mahima Chaudhry reminisces how press linked her to Ajay Devgn after he helped her battle the horrific accident: It was uncomfortable

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Mahima Chaudhry was met with the most unfortunate of incidents when she was caught in a car accident and suffered multiple injuries in her face. The injuries left multiple scars on the Dil Kya Kare star and she thought she could never make a comeback in Bollywood and her career was devastated. But, her co-star Ajay Devgn came to her rescue and made sure she got the best treatment for what the media called ‘her scarface’. But, things got twisted and turned as what we call an ‘act of humanity’ was turned into a superficial link up.

Talking about having Ajay and his wife Kajol as a big help she said, “Ajay Devgn and Kajol, who were my producers at that time, they saw to it that nobody in the industry got to know about it. Because at that time, it would have devastated my career. I knew I was not going to make a comeback. But Ajay was like, ‘I get scars like this all the time’, and I thought he is just being nice because he just wants me not to lose heart. But actually, he was right. He was a very very generous producer, He just looked after everything. Sending me to the right doctors, seeing to it that I got the best treatment because I and my mother were quite new to Mumbai and so he said, ‘No you’re not doing this treatment in Bangalore, I am taking you to Bombay and sending you to the best.’ His manager at that time was always with us and looked after us. They never once called and asked if I am ready because the other producers were hounding us because they were not clear about how much I had hurt myself. “

Talking about her comeback after her accident, Mahima again revealed that Ajay was of huge help to her but due to his kindness and humanity, they fell prey to the speculations and link-ups in the media when the Singham star was with Kajol. Mahima was called by a director on set to whom she requested to take only long shots because of the scar on her face. But as she went on set and the camera got close to her during the shot, Ajay saw the discomfort in Mahima, the actress revealed he said, “You’re not ready?’, and I said no. Then he told everyone to just let me be. Then he told the director, ‘Why? She is just getting off this accident, its ok things can wait.’ So the director said that the set will have to be dismantled and Ajay said ok.”

The Pardes actress said, “I remember post that, the director went and told everyone that Ajay Devgn is in love with me and there were rumours in the magazines that I was seeing Ajay Devgn. That made me even more uncomfortable. He had just gotten married sometime back when we were doing Dil Kya Kare and that film was not even complete when they got married.”

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