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Shocking: Malaika Arora mobbed by selfie-seeking fans – watch video

Image Source - Instagram

Malaika Arora may have been away from Bollywood films for a really long but she is a star when it comes to social media. Anything that she posts, anywhere she goes, anything she does or anything that happens to her always makes headlines. The latest to hit social media is a video of her getting mobbed by fans and pretty much scampering her way to the safety of her car.

It’s pretty much the price of fame as we can put it. Malaika must have been to a mall for some work or maybe some function, and while she was headed out of there, she was met with a barrage of fans waiting to click selfies with her. Unable to do anything as her way was pretty much blocked, she did pose and smile for a few selfies. However, the moment she saw a small escape route, she took it and rushed towards the safety of her car. Check out the video right here:


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Thankfully, her dad was with her and there was nothing too much to be scared about. However, one look at the video will send chills running down your spine.

Malaika may be away from films, but the talk of her relationship with Arjun Kapoor has been selling on news channels like hot cakes. To add to it, there are also the rumours that she might be getting hitched soon to Arjun Kapoor. Well, nothing of that is confirmed as of yet.

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