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Recently, the news did rounds that Manish Malhotra will be making his directorial debut with the biopic of late actress Meena Kumari, starring Kriti Sanon in the lead. While this development was not made official, Kumari’s family expressed disdain on the development. Her stepson from husband Kamal Amrohi, Tajdar Amrohi threatened to take legal action against the film.

Now, Bollywood Bubble exclusively got in touch with Tajdar to get his point of view on the matter. He started by saying that in the last 2 days he has been getting calls from all over the world. Everyone wants to talk to him on the issue and it has left him ‘troubled’. He says, “My father has been dead for 30 years and my choti ma for 50 years, but no one is letting them be at peace.”

Tajdar Amrohi on his legal action

When asked about the legal action he threatens to take against Manish Malhotra and Kriti Sanon for making Meena Kumari biopic, Tajdar says that things are just blowing out. He insists, “Nothing has happened and everything is going out of proportion.”

Elaborating further on the conversation between his lawyer and him, Tajdar informs, “My lawyer asked me has the film even started. I told him no, I have just heard about it. Even big production houses like to be in news. So, he told me that in case they decide to shelve the project in future, it would come across as I am publicity hungry. I am making enemies in vain. I don’t want to do that. People would think I am publicity hungry, but I am not that way.”

He insists that he doesn’t have a problem with people making money, but he asserts that no one knows the truth about Kamal and Meena ji better than him. Tajdar shares that people say Meena ji’s alcoholism was because of his father. She was depressed because he was violent with her. But he insists that isn’t the truth. He says, “Is this the only couple in Bollywood left to make a film on? With all due respect to Nargis ji, Vyjanthimala ji, Reena Rai, Madhubala, Parveen Babi, Geeta Bali, there are many names. Why aren’t they making films on them? Why are they only behind my parents?”

Tajdar on talking to Manish and Kriti

Tajdar insists that he doesn’t have any malice against Manish and Kriti. Rather, he says that the designer is his close friend. He says, “Manish Malhotra is a very good person. He has done nothing wrong with me, why should I spoil his image. There can be a misunderstanding and the film hasn’t even started yet. He is a friend of me and my family.”

He adds, “Even my family asked me that why have I said this when he is such a good friend of mine. People have asked him if he has taken an NOC, but the film hasn’t even started so, why he should get into that.” So, has he reached out to Manish? “Why should I talk to him? He should be the one calling me,” Tajdar responds.

As for Kriti, he shares that he don’t know the actress personally but has only love and respect for her. Tajdar asserts, “All I know is that she is a very good and beautiful actress. Whenever I meet her, I will tell her I am sorry if whatever I said hurt her. All that I said was for the person who is going to do the film, be it you or someone else. I’ll tell her you are a very popular and good actress and you might think of me as an enemy, but I am not one. Please treat me as your friend and advisor.”

Meena Kumari biopic with Kriti Sanon in the lead is just rumoured to be in development and already, there is so much hullabaloo around it. What happens to the film and how it turns out is yet to be seen.

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