Mukesh Khanna
Image Source - Instagram

Mukesh Khanna has always made headlines with his shocking statements. The actor does not hold back when it comes to voicing out his opinions no matter how they are received. The actor recently made a shocking statement that #MeToo became a ‘problem’ after women left the kitchen and started working.


In an interview with Filmy Charcha, Khanna said that only when women stepped out of the kitchen and started working did MeToo become a problem,  he said, “Aurat ki rachna alag hoti hai and mard ki alag hoti hai. Aurat ka kaam hai ghar sambhalna, jo maaf karna mein kabhi kabhi bol bhi jata hu. Problem kaha se shuru hue hai #MeToo Ki jabh aurato nein bhi kaam karna shuru kar liya. Aj aurat mard ke saath kandhey se kandha milani ke baat karti hai.”

This caused quite the outrage in Twitter. One wrote, “Very sad comment by #mukeshkhanna. The responsibility of raising the child has to be shared by both parents & thus both parents can also contribute to the maintenance of the home. #MeToo is due to exploitation by males & instances where the females wld b ready to offer themselves”, another wrote, “This man is SICK. In short, if women will step out for work, men are entitled to sexually assault them? If women want safety, they should stay at home.Shame on you @actmukeshkhanna!”

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