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Nana Patekar: I prayed that Naseeruddin Shah should fracture his leg so that I get his roles!

When you happen to be an actor in the same life and times like the outstanding talent, Naseeruddin Shah, then this kind of a feeling is sure to creep in and we don’t blame Nana Patekar for it. The actor, who has worked with Naseeruddin Shah for the first time ever in ‘Welcome Back’, had quite a different take on their camaraderie.

With plethora of good films to their credit, Nana Patekar and Naseeruddin Shah are both veterans of the craft whose level of finesse in acting is unmatched.

While one may wonder what a visual treat it would be to watch them perform together, the truth is they never came together on-screen till ‘Welcome Back‘ happened. “It’s been 40 years since I and Naseer have been working in the industry but we have never done a film together. Earlier, most films were offered to Naseeruddin Shah and none to me. I used to pray to God that he should meet with an accident or fracture his leg or something so that I could get his roles. But it never happened and I lost faith in God,” chuckles Nana Patekar stating what an enriching experience it has been to share the screen space with Shah for the first time.



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