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Nandita Das on ‘Kabir Singh’: Its success is indicative of societal numbness, apathy and brutal celebration of misogyny

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Shahid Kapoor starrer ‘Kabir Singh’ created a stir on social media the moment the movie hit the theatres. While some appreciated Shahid’s performance in the movie, there were some who called it problematic, misogynistic and high on violence. The movie earned a good amount at the box office but was heavily criticized by a large number of audiences. There were many Bollywood celebs who also found lots of flaws in ‘Kabir Singh’. Actor-filmmaker Nandita Das is the latest who has criticized the movie.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Nandita said, “Whether it’s a propaganda film or a regressive film like ‘Kabir Singh’, there are two ways. One, where we look inwards: can we become more discerning? Can we choose not to watch it and enable more of the same? If I don’t like ‘Kabir Singh’, I will talk about how misogynistic that film is. I will express dissent. But at the same time, cinema is also a reflection of society. If such a film is being made and it does well, what does that say about us?”

She further said, “The success is, in straightforward terms, indicative of societal numbness, apathy and brutal celebration of misogyny. The success just validates a certain male narrative where you’re okay being violent towards women.”

What do you have to say on Nandita Das’ opinion on ‘Kabir Singh’? Do share your views with us.

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