Nandita das Saadat Hasan Manto
Image Source - Instagram and The Indian Express

Every literature lover knows what an enigmatic personality the controversial Indo-Pakistani Urdu author Saadat Hasan Manto was. If you have read his stories, you would know what an exceptional imagination power he had and also when it comes to showcasing mirror to the society, he is unparalleled.


Much to the delight of literature lovers, actress-filmmaker Nandita Das is all set to translate the life of this author on the celluloid, with the biographical drama ‘Manto’, starring Nawazuddin in the titular role. The film has been already selected to be screened at the celebrated Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF).

Nandita is excited as well as nervous since her film is ready and its release date in India is being worked out. Giving a sneak peek into the mind of author Manto, the filmmaker has decided to share the power of his words with her followers on social media, as she wrote, “From today I will share the power of Manto’s words for those who may not have read him..”

So if you have not read Manto’s stories, then here you can enter his world of thoughts by reading his powerful and thought-provoking words.

A man who played many roles…

The man of words…

Talking about the kind of hard work she has put into the making of this film, Nandita wrote on Facebook, “It took 5 long years of reading his works, getting people’s inputs, writing several drafts of the script to finally feel equipped, both emotionally & creatively to tell Manto’s story.”

Now with so many efforts put behind the making this film and being a book lover, I am eagerly looking forward to the release of ‘Manto’.

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