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Director: Anand Surapur

Writers: Anand Surapur, Shariq Patel

Star cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Rajesh Kumar, Atul Tiwari and Narayani Shastri 


Rautu Ka Raaz Review

If you thought it was a thriller suspense movie, then let us tell you that Rautu Ka Raaz has no secret nor it is mysterious. The film starts with a murder case where SHO Deepak Negi aka Nawazuddin Siddiqui is solving a murder case and we kid you not that it is the laziest murder investigation ever. The movie is set in Rautu Ki Beli, Uttarakhand but the story seems half-baked and can even considered a snooze fest. To know more about Rautu Ka Raaz, continue reading the review.


The film revolves around the mysterious death of a warden at a blind school in Rautu Ki Beli, a sleepy town which hasn’t witnessed a murder in over a decade and a half. This is where SHO Deepak Negi aka Nawazuddin Siddiqui and his team step in as they are tasked with solving this rare and high-profile murder investigation. The film showcases a unique and joyful camaraderie between SHO Deepak Negi (played by Nawazuddin) and sub-inspector Dimri (played by Rajesh Kumar) who are forced out of their lazy state of being owing to this murder investigation.

What worked in Rautu Ka Raaz

Nawazuddin’s performance: Nawazuddin Siddiqui is the saving grace of this otherwise lacklustre film, captivating the audience with his outstanding performance. Once again, Nawaz proves he is one of Bollywood’s finest actors. His punchlines and one-liners are the highlights that keep you engaged until the end. The second-best aspect of the movie is the camaraderie between Nawaz’s character, Negi, and Rajesh Kumar’s Dimri. The lively and cheerful banter between the senior and junior police officers adds a refreshing touch to the film.

Cinematography: The DOP of the movie has beautifully captured the haseen vadiya and greenery of Uttarakhand that will make you fall in love with the place. It looks surreal and serene to see the beauty in them movie.

What didn’t work

Screenplay: It is unclear whether Anand Surapur aimed to create a murder mystery or a comedy while conveying social messages. The main issue lies in the storyline, which is humdrum and poorly executed. The direction, writing, and overall execution all come across as lazy. Even the officers tasked with solving the case appear flimsy and uninspired. Despite the promise of a gripping comedy thriller suggested by the trailer, the film fails to deliver on both fronts. Instead, it ends up being neither comical nor exciting, with everything onscreen feeling dull and mundane.

It was unnecessarily dragged and stretched when the murder mystery could have been solved in less time. There’s a scene where Nawaz’s character is seen making a chart to unveil who is the murderer but the scene looks so basic that you understand there’s no depth in the narrative. Quite a few scenes were half-cooked and that’s how the story leaves you with regret.


Several scenes in the movie appear to be included merely to extend its runtime, making even its 1 hour and 50 minutes feel excessively long. These scenes contribute little to the overall story, lacking substance and relevance. Their presence detracts from the film’s pacing, creating a disjointed and sluggish narrative. Cutting these superfluous scenes would have made the movie more concise and engaging, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Instead, their inclusion only serves to dilute the plot and leave viewers feeling frustrated by the unnecessary padding.

Climax: The ending of Rautu Ka Raaz is so absurd that it leaves you far from satisfied. It fails to provide closure and concludes with one of the most bizarre endings imaginable. Instead of a resolution, it leaves you with numerous unanswered questions, making you feel as though the story is incomplete. This unsatisfying conclusion is undoubtedly one of the major drawbacks of the film, leaving viewers disappointed.


Everyone has given believable and played their parts convincingly. Starting with Rajesh Kumar, he is adorable and delivers a very promising character. He essays the role of a junior police officer and he fits the bill perfectly. Whereas Atul Tiwari is decent as a business tycoon, there’s not much to complain about. On the other hand, Narayani Shastri who is the sole reason for solving the murder case had limited screen time but made a powerful performance.


Overall, Rautu Ka Raaz is passable and boring. Nawazuddin starrer doesn’t draw you to it as a viewer as it offers nothing interesting or exciting. If you’re Nawaz’s fan, then this could be a pick otherwise you can watch something more engaging. Let’s just say that Anand tried to show an impactful movie but failed to create an impression.

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