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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s wife Aaliya reveals about his affairs; says, “His female friends used to come in when I used to leave the house”

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Since the time actor, Nawazuddin and Aaliya Siddiqui’s divorce has grabbed the headlines, every day something or the other has been revealed about the actor by his wife. It has been all downhill for the two and recently Aaliya revealed about Nawazuddin’s affairs. She revealed that in her absence he would let his ‘female friends’ in their house.

In an interview with SpotboyE, Aaliya said that she had left Nawazuddin in the initial years due to his behaviour, for almost one year she stayed Alone with her 6-month-old Baby in a rented flat in Patliputra. But, she eventually got back with Nawazuddin.

When she was asked the reason why she returned, “He didn’t even come to meet his newborn for 8 long months. But then when we again got in touch in between and at that time I thought let’s go back to him. He had started getting work and I was left with no money then, and also had a small kid to take care of. I thought let’s give it another try, may be he will change. But nothing changed- in fact, his misbehaviour increased even more.

Speaking about Nawazudding’s affairs, she said, “I kept hearing about his affairs, I used to leave the house and his female friends used to come in. I have tolerated him to the level which one can’t even think of. And those who are asking, why am I leaving him now, so let me tell them that I had left him before too. If I am leaving him when his career is at the peak and we have two kids together, one can understand how disturbed I would be to take such a drastic step.”

Aaliya has been married to Nawaz for a decade now and they have two children. The actor was served the divorce papers via email and WhatsApp earlier this month. But, according to Aaliya’s lawyer, the actor, who is quarantining in his hometown of Budhana in Uttar Pradesh, is yet to respond.

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