kriti sanon

Kriti Sanon is one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood. With hard work and talent, Kriti has successfully carved a niche for herself in the industry. The actress keeps making headlines every day for multiple reasons. Recently, a Reddit user shared ‘then and now’ pictures of Kriti and netizens are convinced that she has got an alleged nose job. However, they loved her transformation.

Netizens think Kriti has got a nose job

kriti sanon
Netizens think Kriti Sanon has got a nose job (via Reddit)

A reddit user commented, “It’s good work.” Another one wrote, “Definitely, but the work she has done is very subtle and well done. It’s like you look at her, and have hard time to pinpoint exactly what changed but the change is obvious at the same time.” Another user stated that it’s because of the camera angle.

kriti sanon
Netizens think Kriti Sanon has got a nose job
kriti sanon
Fans reacts after Kriti Sanon’s then and now pics go viral

In an old interview with Bollywood Bubble, Kriti Sanon had revealed that she was criticised for her ‘nose, gummy smile and lips’. Kriti had revealed she was body-shamed with people commenting on her nose, gummy smile, lips and waist.

Kriti had told us, “There had been times when I was told to line my lips to make it look fuller. It didn’t make sense to me. I did try it once (laughs). I was also told that my nostrils flare up a little bit when I smile. So, yes there will be criticism from everywhere. When I smile or laugh, sometimes they do but that’s normal na. I am not a plastic doll.”

Adding to that, she had said, “There are lot of people like hair and makeup people because they have been around so much. See, I know for a fact that everybody loves giving opinions and everybody has opinions more about other people than themselves. So, it’s fine, it’s ok. You just need to know how much to filter, what to listen to and what to ignore otherwise if you don’t, it can really be messed up. You will really spoil yourself fully.”

Kriti added that she never felt the need to change anything about herself.

The actress revealed, “People told me ‘You have a gummy smile’, That I am born with, I can’t do anything about it. There are little things that people don’t say it directly ki ‘yeh change karo (change this)’. I feel like those things everyone hears.”

Kriti added that everyone wants to be perfect all the time. “So, I have gone through that, heard things. Someone asked me to put my waist a little more in. Sometimes random people also say things. You have to make sure that you are not listening to just everybody,” she added.

The actress has always believed in doing what she feels like no matter what others have to say about her.

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