Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan who was present at Muscat for his temptation reloaded concert has advised new actors not to play a catching game with him as it would only lead them copying him.

Shahrukh Khan along with Katrina Kaif and Preity Zinta  While Interacting with the Media, said that new actors are doing a fine job but they should never try to catch him, the Gulf News reported.


“I Am on a completely different track from where these youngsters are wonderfully running on and I dont know if at any stage he will have to shift his gear to run further away from them and I would be extremely small to be compared with  newcomers, considering the work that he had done so far,”Shahrukh adds. Shahrukh Khan Wants young actor to use their talent in their own way as they take century-old Indian cinema forward.

Well , Guys are You listening ? Aayushman , Varun Dhavan , Siddharth Malhotra , Arjun Kapoor 😉