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Bollywood actress Vidya Malavade recently interviewed with Bollywood Bubble. She candidly shared her perspective and opened up on multiple things. She gave a broad overview of her journey in the industry and also about her personal life. Vidya shared about her upcoming projects. While talking about other movies her most remembered one is Chak De India with Shah Rukh Khan. Her role was an impactful one which is even today talked about. She openly shared her experience of working with Shah Rukh Khan. 

Vidya Malavade on working with Shah Rukh Khan in Chak De! India

When asked about her experience she answered. “I always say, Chak De is a blessing that never stops giving. In today’s era of numerous film releases and a flurry of OTT content, where names of characters and movies are easily forgotten, it’s remarkable that even after 16 years, people still remember not just the film but also the characters’ names. Even now, when I walk on the street, I still hear people calling me on streets like ‘Vidya Sharma, India,’ and younger guys exclaim, ‘Oh my God, Zeenat Karim.’ It’s truly a blessing. I never imagined Chak De would become this famous. When I read the script and wanted to be a part of it, we were just shooting, not thinking about its future success.”

Vidya Malavade on working with Shah Rukh Khan and more

Vidya Malavade on Chak De! India

She was questioned if it was a fangirl moment for her meeting Shah Rukh Khan, “Of course, we knew it was a Yash Raj Films production and that Mr. Shah Rukh Khan was in it, which added to the excitement. We were all like little fangirls. When I joined the project, I knew Shah Rukh Khan was a part of it, and I had recently worked with him on a Hyundai advertisement, which was a nice experience. I didn’t tell him that I might work with him on Chak De, but I hoped for more collaborations with him.”

Malavade answered whether she and Khan would discuss Chak De India if they ever bumped into each other, “We don’t usually talk about Chak De when we meet, but whenever we do, he’s warm and asks if everything is well.”

On the work front, Vidya will be next seen in Ruslaan which stars Aayush Sharma and Sushrii Mishra. Along with that she recently wrapped up shooting Mismatched 3.

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