Not only haters, Aamir Khan has some supporters too! Read On

PK star, Aamir Khan, irked a lot of people when he expressed his opinion on India being an intolerant country. His comment wherein he said that he felt alarmed and his wife Kiran Rao wished to leave the country fearing her kids future due to growing intolerance in India, received a lot of flak from celebrities as well as from the political parties. His simple opinion on India being an intolerant country has landed him in so much of a trouble that Mr. Perfectionist now has an FIR filed against him for the same. Fortunately, some people stand by the star and have expressed their support to Aamir Khan on social networking sites.

The hashtag ‘IStandWithAamirKhan’ is trending on Twitter with a lot of his fans supporting the star. It’s a democratic country and everyone is entitled to express his or her opinion is what his supporters have to say in defense of Mr. Khan. In the controversial interview, Aamir had clearly said that it was a disastrous statement made by Kiran to leave the country, but unfortunately, this bit of his interview was overlooked and people started criticizing the star for his wish to leave the country.

This division of protesters and supporters of Aamir Khan on social media has led to a virtual war between the two parties.