A novelist based out of Mumbai has reportedly filed a complaint against director-producer Rakesh Roshan of stealing ‘Krrish 3’ story from his novel.


Writer Roop Narayan Sonkar has filed a police complaint under the Copyright Act. Sonkar has also submitted a copy of his novel ‘Suardan’ along with the complaint as reference. As per the police, the novelist claimed that he published ‘Suardan’ in 2010 in which he had envisioned a creature combining ‘manav’ (man) and ‘janwar’ (animal) and named it ‘Manwar’. And Rakesh’s 2013 film also comprises of a creature combining man and animal. Roop claimed that the director has used his story without obtaining his permission.

Now the police is investigating and if they found the accusations to be true, action will be taken.

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