Over-weight Aamir Khan pictures

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is also known to be a Perfectionist. The actor will go to any length to add authenticity to his character for a film. Aamir Khan is to depict the role of a wrestler in his upcoming film Dangal. As he is playing the role of a middle aged wrestler he has added a lot of weight.

Aamir Khan is working hard on his physical appearance for Dangal. Aamir Khan, who used to weigh around 68 kg, has now put on a lot of weight that weighs around 98kgs now. He now has trouble carying simple tasks like bending down, tying his shoelaces and also putting on his socks.


Sources say, “Aamir Khan has become overweight, because of his overweight he is having difficulty in bending and he needs someone’s help to put on his socks and even tie shoelaces for him. ”

Aamir too had confessed, “Currently, I am at my heaviest. I weigh 90kg, which is a lot for a person of my height that is about 5’5’’. I am taking care not to lose any fat. I don’t think I need to put on any more weight, because I have to lose it all to play a 27-year-old man in the same film. So, the heavier I get, the tougher it will be for me to cut down later on.”

Aamir Khan’s family is quite concerned about the actor losing weight and gaining weight in so short a period. They feel it can harm the actor in the long run.

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