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OMG: Shikha Joshi’s landlady shot a Video of her Dying Moments

Model turned actress Shikha Joshi‘s suicide came as a shock to many. The actress committed suicide at her MHADA flat in Versova in Mumbai. But we bring to you a more disturbing news. It seems that Shikha’s landlady has shot a video of her dying moments. The heartless lady Madhu Bharti, instead of taking the dying woman to hospital took her video to protect herself. The video, however, went viral, and a copy can be seen on Facebook.

Shikha is seen lying in a pool of blood in the video, while her landlady Madhu Bharti is asking her questions as to why she did she take such a drastic step. There were other people present but they were unwilling to help the dying girl. How callous can a person be we say? The landlady Bharti said that she was trying to take Shikha’s statement on a mobile phone so that she could escape police suspicion.

It’s heard that people are heartless in Big cities, but this lady truly takes the cake. I mean how can a person be without pity for a dying person that instead of helping, you try to save your skin by taking down statements. A few seconds of sensible handling by the lady and the others present could have saved a human life. Our police should now awaken and realize that people are reluctant step forward and help a dying person only because they are afraid of being caught in legal formalities and questioning by the police.

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We are unable to share the grisly video with you, but below we have the conversation between the dying Shikha and her landlady, that was recorded on Bharti’s mobile phone.

Bharti: Haan Shikha, Shikha, Shikha, Shikha, beta tell me why did you take this step?

Shikha: (feeble voice, as she tries to get up but slips on blood) I don’t know.

Bharti: Shikha, say why did you do this?

Bharti: Shikha let it stay on your neck it will stem the flow of blood. (referring to a piece of cloth). Speak up Shikha, police will ask us. Why did you do all this? Whose mistake was it?

Shikha: Everybody’s

Bharti: Everybody who?

Bharti: Whose fault is it? Say fast, we will tell their names to the cops.

Shikha: Dr Sharma.

Bharti: Dr Sharma? And?

Shikha: Married men.

Bharti: Married men? Who all?

Shikha: Many.

Bharti: Many? But who all?

Bharti: Shikha, place a handkerchief on the cut. Shikha, Shikha. (A third person, a woman’s voice is heard. Camera angle changes. Bharti asks somebody to continue recording. A man checks Shikha).

Bharti: She says Dr Sharma and many other married men, who exploited her, are responsible for this.

A male voice: Take her to a hospital.

Bharti: How will we take her to a hospital? (A voice in the background: Don’t bring the children here)

A male voice: Take her (to a hospital) in a car.

Bharti: You carry her. We are not going to do it.

A woman’s voice: How will you carry her in a car, there is so much blood?

Male voice: Lift her. Is an ambulance coming? (Shikha’s moaning can be heard over all the voices. Bharti is heard telling somebody again that Shikha has slashed herself.)

It is truly a shameful incident, have we became so callous towards humanity that we just think about saving our own skin rather than saving a life? Do you as an Indian citizen think that Mrs Madhu Bharti, did right by her friend who needed her?

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