Papon CLARIFIES on the controversial video of him kissing a minor female contestant

Image Source - Facebook, Yogen Shah

This morning, singer Papon’s name was in the headlines as a complaint was filed against him. The singer who is popular for crooning songs like ‘Moh Moh Ke Dhaage’ and ‘Jiyein Kyun’ had did a live streaming session with contestants of a reality show called ‘Voice of India Kids’ where he is a mentor. In the video, he apparently kissed a minor female contestant which perhaps didn’t go down well with a Supreme Court advocate Runa Bhuyan who later filed this complaint against him citing this as an inappropriate act.

And now, Papon has come out with his statement saying that he kissed the contestant out of affection and it was not a sexual assault. He has taken to his Twitter handle to share his complete clarification over this issue. He says, “I am very painfully conscious of the accusations that have been made against me in the last few days. Anyone who knows me would be aware that I am an extremely affectionate and expressive person. That is the way I have been brought up and that’s how I have always been with people close to me or people I care about.”

“To show affection for an 11-year-old child who I have been mentoring for a while now is not an alien concept for me. Please do remember that it a video on my own Facebook live and stop for a moment and at least wonder why I would myself promote a video where I am ‘apparently’ doing all the unmentionable things that I am being accused of,” added the singer.

Further, he has accepted that he has made a mistake given today’s environment.

Read Papon’s full statement below:

Let’s wait for more updates on it.