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Megastar Amitabh Bachchan was left disgusted by the insensitivity of people who were crowding around him and taking selfies while he attended the cremation of his friend.

He said he is disappointed as people “have no respect for the dead and no respect for the living” present their to pay homage.

Without sharing identity of his friend, the 72-year-old actor expound over his feelings on his official Facebook page.


“My dear friend passed away suddenly… was chatting and suddenly gone! Fragility of life…Went for the cremation to Delhi…at the cremation, people taking mobile pics and ‘selfies’…DISGUSTING ! They have no respect for the dead and no respect for the living that come to pay their respects for the dead,” Big B shared.

The actor also took to micro-blogging site Twitter to share his feelings, saying he came back from the last rites with a void in his life.

“Travelled to bid final farewell to my friend…painful…there with us in a moment and suddenly gone!Leaving behind a vacuum. Cremation of lost friend over…back within the void and the grief…painful. At cremation people taking selfies! Disgusting! No respect for the departed, or for the moment,” the cine icon posted in a string of tweets.

The “Paa” star had earlier shared the news of the death of his friend on his official blog and how it make him think about the uncertainty of life.

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