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Priyamani recently sat down for a candid chat with us and said that she has been called names like ‘aunty’, ‘old’ and ‘black’ by trolls online. She has faced comments about her make-up and also racism. Priyamani, who was recently seen in The Family Man 2, said that she gets a lot of backlash online for not wearing make up a lot and having discoloured pictures. Priyamani also said that she has faced racism where she has been picked on for her skin colour as some have called her dark, black and much more by trolls.

Priyamani told Bollywood Bubble, “If I post something without makeup, half of them say, ‘Oh with make up your looking good without make up your looking like an aunty,’ So what! If not today, tomorrow you will also become an aunty. Then somebody said, ‘Oh! you are looking old’, So what? Tomorrow you will also become old. I think you should accept your age and the fact that way you look. Let’s face it, I will wear makeup when I want to wear makeup. Another thing is, make up for me I like to wear it only during shooting or I’m in front of a camera. Most of the times my husband and I will have arguments because of this. He will be like, ‘I always told you to wear makeup, look good, look presentable.’ Sometimes I feel he is right, sometimes I feel why should I change myself to please you. This is me, this is who I am and I am very comfortable like the way I am.”


“What I get personally more than the weight is the skin colour. People are like, ‘You are looking black, ‘looking dark,’ and even the photos some people say, ‘Your face is white but your legs are dark.’ What is wrong with you and what is wrong with me? Even if I am a dark-skinned girl, I don’t believe I am fair, I am wheatish. First of all, don’t call anybody black because even black is beautiful. Lord Krishna looks beautiful. So don’t comment like this and even you have something keep it in your mind. You may think that you get 1-minute fame from this, but it is wrong. You don’t know how deeply it will affect the person you are commenting on.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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