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It was an age-old perception that once an actress is married, her career is doomed no matter what. But, times have changed and we have seen actresses like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor and others ruled the box office even after their marriage just like before. The Family Man 2 actress Priyamani recently opened up about working after her marriage to Mustafa Raj. The actress told us that she believes that her husband Mustafa is her lucky charm as she has become even busier after her marriage. Priyamani told us that three days into her marriage to Mustafa she had to leave for a shoot of her film. She also said that her in-laws are incredibly supportive and while they don’t speak the same language they are trying to understand her industry more.

Priyamani told Bollywood Bubble, “Personally for me, I have become busier after marriage. So I always say I think Mustafa has been my lucky charm. I thank god that I go a wonderful partner like that who supports me in my work. But yes I believe that the outlook has changed towards married actresses. Because earlier if an actress is married or engaged she is completely written off from the industry. This was only the industry who made it that way. Obviously, they think that once she gets married her body will change, she will focus more on the family and even if she wants to make a comeback, she won’t get a heroine role.”


She further added, “The funniest thing; like I couldn’t accept the fact that the actress was his heroine then after marriage has to play the sister or sister-in-law to the same guy who was her hero earlier and is also married with kids. But then now it is completely changed. I think the industry outlook has completely changed and they are accepting the fact that maybe she still wants to work. There are roles and important roles written for females like this, it could be a female lead, could be a main important character in the film. Look at Kajal Aggarwal, Samantha Akkineni, Nayantara, all of them are doing so wonderfully for themselves and they are playing main leads as well.”

Talking about discussing her projects with her husband Mustafa, Priyamani said, “Even if I have to take one step forward I ask his permission. We talk to each other about the offers I get. The funniest thing is even till today a lot of people think Mustafa is my manager. They have stored his number as Priyamani manager. So a lot of people call him to approach me. Even when we were seeing each other he was very supportive.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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