Priyanka Chopra at an event

Bollywood’s versatile, actress Priyanka Chopra promotes UNICEF. The Mary Kom actress has also undertaken the central government’s new initiative to alleviate anemia among adolescents in India. Priyanka who has gained fame around the world with her acting and singing skills has now joined a UNICEF campaign to raise awareness on Anemia.


Priyanka Chopra who is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador, recently addressed a press conference in Madhya Pradesh. The Diva was heard speaking about the need of the hour to educate the public about child nutrition in India.

Priyanka Chopra who has been associated with UNICEF for close to ten years, also revealed that malnutrition in India especially amongst the girls who constitute to about two thirds of India’s aneamic patients, was a cause of worry. She also added that most of the girls drop out before completing the project.

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