Without a doubt, Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Queen’ is one of the best movies of Bollywood. The transformation of Kangana’s character from a simple, girl-next-door to being a fearless extrovert made us all fall in love with her.


The movie managed to strike the emotional cord of people all over and while we are all eagerly waiting for a ‘Queen 2’ to hit the theatres soon, here is the director Vikas Bahl who is revealing a few details of the same. In a recent chat with MissMalini, the filmmaker revealed, “I don’t think Queen 2 is happening. I don’t think I’ve another story to tell in that world. I’ll tell you what? If I ever make Queen 2, it’d be from the boy’s point of view. Because you know, every story is from a point of view. It’s only because you leave the boy back in India and move on with the girl, you only see things from her perspective. You can change any story to any perspective. And if there is ever a Queen 2, it should be from a boy’s perspective.”

That is one amazing news. Isn’t it? We can’t wait for that to roll out soon.

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