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Ram Gopal Varma recently shot with an ADULT star and she is not Sunny Leone

Image Source - The Quint, Google

Ram Gopal Varma is known for his totally different kind of cinema. Well, the director’s last Bollywood film was ‘Sarkar 3’, and now he has shot a video with an adult star, titled ‘God, S*x and Truth’.

Well, when we say an Indian filmmaker working with an adult star, the first person that comes to our mind is Sunny Leone. But, RGV has not shot with Sunny.

Image Source - Instagram @sunnyleone

The director has shot with Mia Malkova. The adult star took to Twitter to inform her fans about it. She tweeted, “Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma shot a video with me in Europe titled GOD , S*X and TRUTH I will be the 2nd adult star after @SunnyLeone to be shot by an Indian feature film maker @Rgvzoomin.”

RGV quote retweeted her and wrote, “Hey Mia it was such an elevating and thought provoking experience to film #GodS*xTruth ..I never shot with @SunnyLeone but will never forget the experience of shooting GOD, S*X and Truth.”

RGV later again tweeted, “This is not GST as in tax but GST as in GOD,S*X and TRUTH ..I shot this with @MiaMalkova the second adult actress after @SunnyLeone to be shot by a feature film maker #GodS*xTruth.”

Well, this video is something we are now looking forward to.


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