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Sunny Leone has always left her fans and followers impressed with her movies and songs. The actress has perfectly balanced her professional life as well as personal life. Sunny, being a mother of three kids and handling work with ease is an absolute inspiration for many.

Now, we had the chance to get in an exclusive conversation with Sunny Leone only on Bollywood Bubble. In the hearty chat, she shared how she balances motherhood and work.

Sunny Leone opens up about handling work and motherhood

We happen to ask Sunny Leone whether it becomes overwhelming to balance work and motherhood at the same time. Speaking about this, Sunny said, “I tell my children all the time that I’m a better mommy if I am a working mommy. I really do believe that I am not meant to be just the home mom and taking care of my kids even though that is a full-time job, it is not easy. And those women who stay home, they take care of every tiny little detail to the T is perfect. But I know that I can do a lot of different things for my children.”

She added, “I might not wash their laundry but I am there, I am present. We do homework together, we sit with them, we are together as much as possible and that for me is quality over taking my time away from kids. So I compromise on those different things. And we talk about this all the time because my kids always say ‘why do you have to go mommy’ and we like taking family vacations and we like going places together, I did all the activities with them, but I also like to work. More than anything that I can give them is time. So it’s a compromise that we have all come to.”

Further in the interview, Sunny Leone also spoke about how she battled judgements and being typecast in the industry. Not only this, she also shared how she deals with negative comments.

Watch the full interview here:

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