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Director Nitesh Tiwari’s epic saga Ramayana starring Ranbir Kapoor and Sai Pallavi has been grabbing a lot of attention ever since the making of the movie is making noise. Ranbir will be essaying the role of Lord Ram and Sai Pallavi will be seen in Goddess Sita. Their character looks were also leaked online and fans just couldn’t keep calm. Though many have praised Ranbir Sai for looking diving as Ram and Sita, Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan’s Laxman aka Sunil Lahri reacted to them playing the divine characters.

Sunil Lahri on Ranbir Kapoor playing Lord Ram

Talking about Ranbir, Lahri said that he looks nice in the look but is not sure if the audience will accept him.

He told HT, “From the poster, I liked his look. It’s very nice and since he’s so smart, he will look perfect in that role. But, I don’t know how much people will accept him as Ram.” Explaining his point, the actor reasons, “I feel that you should take someone that has no image or baggage. It works better. No doubt Ranbir is a great actor with a big legacy of his family and work he ahs done. I’m sure he will do justice, but again, it is the perception of people that you can’t change. He has to crush his earlier performances and come out with this. And especially, after doing something like Animal recently, it will be very difficult for people to see him in such an opposite role as Lord Ram.

Sunil Lahri on Sai Pallavi playing Goddess Sita

Moreover, Sunil also mentioned that he doesn’t approve of Sai as Sita. He said, “I don’t know how she is as an actress, I have never seen any of her work. But, looks wise, I am honestly not very convinced. In my mind, Sita has a very beautiful and perfect looking face, and I don’t think Sai’s face has that perfection.” The 63-year-old further added, “In Indian mindsets, all the Devis are out of this world, it should be extraordinary. I don’t know how they are going to make this actress look so attractive that Raavan would fall for her.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwari, his epic saga Ramayana also stars Arun Govil as Dasrath, Lara Dutta as Kaikeyi, Indira Krishna as Kaushalya and Arun Govil as Dashrath.

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