RK Studio alert: The Kapoors get a clean chit

On September 16, a part of the RK Studio had caught fire and had gutted the Stage one of the studio completely. The fire department had sent a notice to the owners of the studio for violating safety norms. Now, a report in Mumbai Mirror has stated that the Kapoors have got a clean chit from the fire department. This is because the fire erupted before the renovation work, which had started in 2014, could get over.

Randhir Kapoor had replied to the notice by writing that the RK Studios had started with the process of carrying out all the compliances asked by the fire department which included installing sprinklers, smoke detectors and so on. The fire officials earlier discovered that the fire equipment were not in place. Their report claims that the electric ciruit was defective and it was placed too close to the curtains. It had come in contact with combustible material which led to the fire. They further added that in spite of specifying the need for alarm systems, automatic sprinkler system and a public address system, none of these were installed. To add to it, the underground water tank provided only 30 minutes of water for fire-fighting when in fact, it should have lasted for two hours. (Also Read: Rishi Kapoor shares before and after snaps of RK Studios, wants to revamp it)

In their showcase notice to RK Studios, The department had also added that  despite the fact that the premises did not meet the fire safety standards, the studio was continued to be used for film shoots and events. Kapoors had plans of building a small museum in the studiow which was built way back in the 1950s. They wanted to showcase the memorabilia which had been a part of Raj Kapoor movies. They had even sought an NOC from the fire department for the same. The fire department had even provided them with a proper list of the equipments that needed to be installed. So, in his reply, Kapoor stated that they appointed a licensed agency to carry out all the necessary compliances which were asked by the fire department. Chief Fire Officer Prabhat Rahangade said, “It is after the completion of the renovation they would have approached us for an inspection and then the NOC. Also, as the studio is very old, it does not come under the Maharashtra Fire Prevention Act. Thus, as the work was in progress, they cannot be prosecuted.”

So we see that things are going pretty well for the Kapoors and we hope that their renovation work is done with soon.