Actors Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s kids – Taimur and Jeh have become everyone’s obsession. Their kids have become more popular than the actors themselves and people just can’t stop gushing over them. When the spotting videos and pictures are circulated on social media, netizens go in all awe of them. However, this obsession started when Taimur was born in December 2016. He enjoys a huge fan following and that triggers the paps to Airways be on their toes to capture them. Speaking about the same, a famous paparazzo recalled how Saif Ali Khan called them up to stop following his son to schools and tuitions.

Paparazzo on following Saif Ali Khan and Kareena’s son to school

During an interview on In Conversation with Ishan’s YouTube channel, Varinder Chawla said, “We would spot Taimur outside their (Saif Ali Khan and Kareena’s) residence, and she (Kareena) had no objection. Demand badh gayi thi ki hum kya karte? 24 ghante uske peeche rehna shuru kar diya tha. Woh school ja raha hota tha toh uske peeche jaate the, tuition ja raha hota tha toh tuition jaate the. We would follow him when we would be playing. Bacche ki personal life hum logon ne disturb karna shuru kar di thi. Tab unhone request kiya that ki kuch jagahon par aap mat ayiye, jaise school ya tuition.”

(The demand increased so much that we began following him 24/7. Whether he was going to school or tuition, we were there. We even followed him while he played. We were disturbing the child’s personal life. That’s when they requested us to avoid certain places like school and tuition).

The pap recalled the scary moment

He said, “Taimur was on his way to tuition, and I noticed there were 40-50 people on bikes following him. Main hi gaya (Finally found him). I wondered ‘Where did these 50 people come from?’ Someone told me, ‘Aage tamasha dekhiye (Look at the scene).’ Some climbed onto the gates, and others surrounded his car as if they were going to attack him. I was scared and thought, ‘Nahin yaar yeh galat hai (This felt wrong).’ If I was so frightened, imagine what the family felt. Even Taimur’s nanny got worried. Saif called us and requested that we avoid following Taimur to school. That’s when we decided to respect their privacy. We set a limit and agreed not to cross that boundary. They have a personal life!

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