Sajid Khan: “Rajinikanth can be called Asian superstar”


Director Sajid Khan, who has unveiled a book on Rajinikanth, says he is “truly” one of the biggest fans of the superstar. He also admires Rajinikanth for popularising regional cinema worldwide.

The “Housefull” director unveiled the book titled “The Warrior Within” here on Thursday.

“I am extremely honoured to unveil a book about Rajinikanth. It’s a fantastic book. I have read some parts of it, and as an admirer now I am dying to read the whole book,” Khan said at the event.

“I am truly one of his biggest fans…Rajinikanth has made regional cinema popular worldwide. He is as good as Jackie Chan. Rajinikanth can be called as Asian superstar,” he added.

“The Warrior Within”, which follows the life of the superstar, recounts Rajinikanth’s voyage into the world of movies.

According to Khan, comparing two great personalities in Indian Cinema like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajinikanth is like “measuring the level of the oceans… which one is deepest and vast”.

“I feel this is very unfair to them. Both are living legends and superstars and have an immense fan following. They have got so much love from people,” he said.

Khan added that he is a big fan of Rajinikanth and at the same time, he also respects and admires actor Kamal Haasan.

“I think his life can be an interesting subject for a book or movie,” said Khan, who will be teaming up with Sajid Nadiadwala soon for his next film.

Inputs by IANS