Salman Khan acquitted from all charges in the Hit And Run case – High Court

Finally, Salman Khan has been acquitted in the Hit and Run case according to the latest reports. The Bombay High Court finally gave its verdict acquitting the star. The reports suggest that there was no case established against the star. Judge A R Joshi said that suspicion cannot be the grounds for conviction. Further, the reports say that investigation was carried out in a faulty manner and was not abiding the law. Due to less of evidence against the star he has been now granted relief. He is free from all the charges levied on him by the prosecution and has not killed anyone, says the High Court.

On September 28, 2002, Khan allegedly drove his car under the influence of alcohol which led to a mishap turning fatal for a person who was sleeping on the footpath and another 4 people being severely injured. The prosecution claimed that the actor had consumed alcohol at Rain Bar & Restaurant situated at Vile Parle before the incident happened; where Khan claimed it was his driver and hot him who was driving the car.

On a judgement announced by Mumbai Sessions Court on May 6, Khan was sentenced to 5 years of jail sentence, taking into consideration the statement of eyewitness Ravindra Patil, former body guard of Salman Khan. However, the actor was out on a bail soon. But, the Bombay High Court discarded the statements given by the former bodyguard .