Salman Khan: 'Being Human' not donating for Nepal quake victims

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is known for his philanthropic nature. The Khan is always at the forefront to help the needy. Recently a devastating Earthquake rocked the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, leaving behind chaos and destruction. As many as 7,040 people have been killed and many more seriously injured. Many celebrities stepped forward to donate generously for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. It was said that Salman Khan’s ‘Being Human’ charitable trust, too had donated for the victims.


Denying the rumours Salman Khan clarified through his Facebook page, that ‘Being Human’ is not contributing to relief fund for the quake affected people. The Dabangg Khan said, “There are rumours about ‘Being Human’ donating money for the Nepal earthquake. This is NOT TRUE as ‘Being Human Foundation’, currently operates only in India. ”

Earlier, superstar Akshay Kumar too had denied the reports of donating the first day Box-office collections of his recent release ‘Gabbar is Back’ to the Nepal Earthquake relief fund. He had said that is the producers prerogative not mine.

But we are quite sure that both the stars have done something for the Nepal Earthquake victims, without beating any drums.

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