Salman Khan in blue t-shirt with glares

Bollywood superstar is back in Mumbai. The actor had been shooting for Bajrangi Bhaijaan in Kashmir since a month now. Salman Khan had been tweeting about the beauty of the valley. He had even said that Kashmir’s beauty reminded him of Katrina Kaif.


Today after returning from Kashmir, Salman Khan made a brief appearance at the Sessions court for completing his bail formalities. Salman was dressed in his favorite blue T-shirt and wearing sunglasses was driven to court to put a final signature on his bail bond.The Khan was accompanied by his manager Reshma Shetty who acted as his personal surety in the court, in relation to his involvement in the 2002 run-and-hit case.

Salman Khan was sentenced to five year imprisonment for the Hit & Run Case, but later the high court had suspended the sentence. He was granted a bail at Rs 30,000. The court directed him to furnish personal surety within two weeks. The court will now hear the matter in June.

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