Sonakshi Sinha with friends

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha celebrated her 28th birthday on June 2nd. A day prior the Dabangg girl had been seen wishing for a surprise party for her birthday. Sonakshi has been granted her wish, her co-star Salman Khan has fulfilled her wish of a surprise bash.

Sonkashi Sinha had recently said that, ” Like every year, I have no plans. And whatever I do, happens last minute, because I usually am busy on or around my birthday.”


Sona had further added that, ” This year, too, will be something last-minute unless my friends throw me a surprise party; they are more than welcome too. Actually, they really should! I have had one surprise b’day in my life and I found out just before the party started!”

Salman Khan, the man with a golden heart granted her wish and threw a surprise bash for his Dabangg co-star, much to her delight. The Birthday bash was held at Salman Khan’s Panvel farm.

Salman Khan and Sonakshi have been having a blast posting some hilarious Dubsmash videos. This surprise party must have truly made Sonakshi day a special one for her.

Salman Khan with a friend
Salman Khan fulfills Sonakshi Sinha’s wish.

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