Salman Khan saved from CBI probe, thanks to Supreme Court

Salman Khan and legal issues have now become synonyms to each other. With numerous cases filed against the star, Salman is a frequent visitor at the court. But in the month of December, some load of this baggage seemed to reduce as the Bombay High Court acquitted him from all the charges levied against him in his ‘Hit & Run’ Case. Unfortunately, this case has now reached the Supreme Court wherein a petition has been filed against the star by the victim’s family seeking for justice.

Apart from this, a plea was also filed in the Apex Court seeking a CBI Probe on Salman Khan and his finances. Salman’s father Salim Khan had once stated out in a statement that the star has spent approximately 20-25 crores on this case. Defending his son, he was quoted saying, “People are saying he has just walked away… he has been in the jail for few days. He has spent over Rs 20-25 crores (on the case). Besides this, what about the tension that he and everyone went through all this time?” Post this, a plea was filed against the star seeking a CBI investigation over the money spent in this case. It was being said that Salman paid such a huge amount in order to get the final verdict in his favour.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court has rejected this plea stating that the reason behind the plea seems to be completely baseless. Even if he did spend so much of money then it would be to get counsel for the case.

In 2002, Salman Khan’s luxurious car rammed over few people sleeping on the pavement.This accident killed one and injured a few. A case was then filed against Salman Khan for driving under the influence of alcohol. This case ran for approximately 13 years after which the High Court granted him relief in this case.