Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan is about a Pakistani girl who cannot even speak, and how Bajrangi’s character helps her to reach Pakistan. The Trailer of the movie has touched several hearts of Indians as well as Pakistanis.

In a candid interview Salman Khan said, “It’s such a positive film. If there is anyone who wants to see peace in both our countries (India and Pakistan), and wants to see the positive side of us and them, and wants to finish the animosity between the two countries, they should watch this film. Bajrangi Bhaijaan’s character goes to drop a Pakistani child, who cannot even speak, who is without a visa or a passport, back to her parents in her country and I think that is the noblest thought. There are so many films that are made and take advantage of this void between our nations.”


He further added, “Their people come and play cricket here, their singers are appreciated here, our movies are watched there. The problem is not with the people. You would rather be at peace with your neighbouring nation as against being at war. They lose people from their side, we lose people from our side. But when a person is dead, be it from here or there, when the bullet is fired, it goes straight to the mother’s heart. It destroys the whole family.”

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