Salman Khan Verdict

Bollywood actor Salman Khan on Wednesday was convicted of all the charges against him in the 2002 hit-and-run-case. The judge, while reading the charges against Salman Khan said that at the time of the accident, Khan was under the influence of alcohol. All charges against Khan were proven.


Salman Khan broke down in court on hearing the sentence. The actor was sentenced to five years in jail for killing one and injuring four others in a drunken driving case. Salman Khan was to be escorted to Arthur Road jail but Salman Khan’s lawyer Shrikant immediately applied for a Bail request in the High Court.

The senior lawyer Harish Salve has been arguing for Salman Khan’s bail application in the court. Salman Khan engaged the senior counsel with just a 10-minute notice. Salve was already in court arguing a matter for Vodafone in connection with a tax dispute. Harish Salve said, “Cannot put someone in jail without the order. Please give time till day after. We have only received the operative part of the order.”

Salman Khan got interim bail from Bombay High Court till Friday. The court will hear the case again on Friday. The Bombay High Court granted 2 days interim bail to Salman Khan since lower court judgment copy was not given in time to the court. Therefore Salman Khan will go home today and not to jail. His car has already arrived at Mumbai Sessions Court to take him back to his Galaxy Apartment residence.

Salman Khan’s fans are eagerly awaiting the return of their Bhai at Galaxy Apartment, but it seems that it will take some time for Salman Khan to go through all the legal formalities. So he might leave around 7 from here.

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