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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and his niece, Alizeh Agnihotri, were recently in Dubai at a felicitating event held for the latter. The uncle-niece jodi added a touch of glamour while attending the event in UAE on the weekend and shared some candid moments on camera. Alizeh – who made her acting debut with the family producer film Farrey, looked stunning in a black halterneck top paired with trousers. Salman opted to merge style and comfort by wearing a black shirt and pants with a blue blazer.

At the Alizeh was asked what she would title a book centred on her mamu and the actor’s quick answers has piqued out interest.

Salman Khan on Alizeh writing a book on him

As reported by News18, during the event in Dubai, Alizeh was asked the title she would give the book she writes on her mamu Salman Khan. Before his niece could speak her mind, the ‘Dabangg’ actor jokingly replied, “I will never let her write a book about me.” While his unexpected remark made the audience burst into laughter, the actor added, “The amount she knows about me…”

Alizeh on her uncles

At the CNN-News18 Rising Bharat Summit earlier this year, Alizeh spoke about her uncles – Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan. When asked who her favourite uncle is, the ‘Farrey’ actress said, “Alag cheez ke liye main alag mamu ke paas jaati hoon. (For different things I go to different uncles.)” She continued, “Jaise agar mujhe hassna hai, I’ll go to Sohail mamu – bohot jokes karte rehte hain… Arbaaz mamu advise dene main bohot acche hain. Voh bohot well spoken aur bohot articulate hain toh jab mujhe advise chahiye, poochna bhi nahi padta hai, khud call aa jaata hai unse (If I want to laugh, I’ll go to Sohail uncle, he’s always making jokes. Arbaaz uncle is great at giving advice. He’s very well-spoken and articulate. So when I need advice, I don’t even have to ask. He calls me himself).”

Talking about Salman Khan, she said, “Salman mamu, it’s good to be around him kyuki woh yaad dilwate hain ki you need to be young at heart… Woh bacche hee hain abhi tak toh sometimes unke saath reh ke I feel like main aur young ho gayi hoon (It’s good to be around him because he reminds you to stay young at heart… He’s still a kid at heart, so sometimes being with him makes me feel even younger).”

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