Salman Khan with mother Salma

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been constantly asked about when he will be tying the knot. The Khan much to the delight of his fans, at a recent event had said he would love to settle down soon.

Salman Khan also added that he is ready for an arranged marriage too. But later Salman Khan who had earlier said that he is ready for an arranged marriage, has at a recent event said that “arranged is cancelled and love is back.”.


Now we hear that like all mothers who want to see their children settled in life, Salman Khan’s mom too wants her son to settle down and have a family of his own. Recently Salman Khan’s mother Salma was spotted shopping for some jewelry, on being asked if it was for her future daughter in law, she said happily, “Tere mooh mein ghee-shakkar”. This revealed that as a mother Salma Khan wishes her son Salman Khan to be married soon.

Now it remains to be seen, when the Khan will be fulfilling his mother’s wish.

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