Salman Khan angry

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is quite irked with some of his die hard fans. The Dabangg Khan was seen ranting on Twitter at midnight. He vented his anger on fans making false identities and degrading his friends. Salman Khan was unhappy that his fans were insulting his friends Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan.

Salman Khan made a series of 24 tweets to show his resentment towards the fandom wars that make the order of the day on Twitter these days, especially his and Shahrukh Khan’s fans. He finally admitted that Shahrukh Khan is his friend and the Khan trio are not interested in any Number game.


The Khan also spoke about the Indian culture, and what is happening to the love and respect that is imbibed to us from cradle. Then, he warned his fans that if they don’t behave themselves, he will cease to be a part of the social network.

Will Salman Khan leave Twitter, we shall soon update you on this matter.

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