Salman Khan’s verdict shocks his Dubai friends

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has been charged guilty in the 2002 Hit & Run Case. The news has sent shock waves amongst his Family, Fans and friends. The Khan’s friends and business associates from Dubai too expressed their shock and anguish at the verdict on the infamous case.


Parvez Khan, chairman of real-estate company Pacific Ventures, who had organised ‘Jai Ho’s premier said, “It’s an emotionally sad day for us. We are all following his case closely and if anything sad happens to him then it means something sad is happening to us. I know his family. I know Salman very well and I can confidently say that he is the best person I have ever met. He has done such great charitable work and it pains us to see him sad.”

Raza Beig, CEO of high street brands Splash and Iconic, echoed Parvez’s sentiments. He said, “It’s very sad. He’s an extraordinary person and I am not here to judge his actions. Right now, that’s the only emotion I feel and we are proud of him for all the charity work he does through Being Human. He has gone out of his way to be help the underprivileged children … We are so proud of him.”

Beig further added that, “My heart breaks to find out Salman’s verdict. They say, all great men in history have gone through struggle to achieve new heights in life. Probably this is his calling, not sure if he deserves it. But noone can go against Allah’s will and probably that’s [Allah’s] will.”

Salman Khan’s sentencing has stunned his friends and Fans all over the Globe. We keep our finger crossed for the Dabangg Khan. May he be given a light sentence.

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