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Sameera Reddy reveals how ‘Super 30’ star Hrithik Roshan helped her overcome her stammering

Image Source - Instagram

Sameera Reddy, who recently gave birth to a beautiful Baby girl, has apparently struggled with stammering. The actress recently revealed about her struggles while overcoming it. She revealed how ‘Super 30’ actor Hrithik Roshan helped her come out of it and be confident.

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According to a report by IANS, Sameera Reddy recently revealed in a chat show that she too struggled with stammering. She revealed that the speech disorder took a toll on her confidence. She said, “Due to my stammering problem, I would hesitate to speak in front of others, and (would hesitate) going for auditions thinking that people would judge me.

She also said that Hrithik helped her through this. “Hrithik, being the sweet and caring person he is, noticed this, and gave me a book that changed my life. It helped me overcome my fear. Gradually, I started noticing changes in my speech. I also went to a speech therapist and started working on my speech. I cannot thank Hrithik enough for that book and I still have it with me.

Hrithik Roshan is known for being an excellent actor. However, we all are aware that the ‘Kaabil’ actor struggled with stammering for a long time in his life. He spoke about it many times on multiple platforms. For example, he opened up about it in an interaction with Times Of India. He said, “Everything seems normal until you start talking, you get stuck and you don’t know why? Right from your toes to the ends of your hair strands, you are in complete shock. Your heart palpitates, you don’t understand and you are aware of people looking at you. You can compare it to hell.

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