Sanjay Dutt returns home

Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, was out on a 14 day furlough since December. The actor after spending the New Year with his family and friends returned back to Yerawada Jail at the end of the given period. Sanju had requested for an extension on his furlough so returned home a few hours later after he managed to get “deemed extension”. He can stay home until the authorities decide on another date.


Sanjay Dutt’s lawyer Rizwan Merchant confirmed the news and said, “The deemed extension arises based on a statement made by the Home Minister. He said surrender is not necessary until the police gives its report and the authorities decide on Dutt’s furlough extension plea. We reached Yerwada and verified this with the authorities after which Sanjay decided to return home.”

He further added that, “an application for another 14-day extension was filed before the expiry of the furlough. If the jail authorities didn’t want to extend it, they would have rejected it and written to us saying that he needs to surrender.This did not happen. They accepted our application and it is now under process.We’ve taken this as deemed extension.”

Sanjay Dutt had surrendered in May 2013 after Supreme Court upheld his conviction for illegal arms possession in Mumbai Blast case.

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