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Sonu Nigam recently made headlines after he was attacked by MLA’s son at a music event in Chembur. Sonu was immediately rushed to the hospital. Earlier today, Sonu Nigam was spotted at the airport and he assured his fans that he’s fine. Now, Shaan has reacted to the shocking incident involving his good friend Sonu Nigam. Shaan came out in support of Sonu Nigam. Shaan shared a letter from the Indian Singers Rights’ Association (ISRA) asking government to take strict action.

Shaan on Sonu Nigam’s incident

The official letter from ISRA read, “We are deeply aggrieved to know about the serious attack on our legendary singer Sonu Nigam and his team at a musical event in Chembur yesterday night. It’s a matter of shame that an idolized artist was manhandled. All Singers of the country are in shock and are concerned about this incident. We therefore request the Govt of Maharashtra and law enforcement agencies to take serious note about this to try to ensure that such incidents are not repeated with any Singers/Artist whatsoever.”

Sonu wrote in the caption, “I’m appalled and disgusted at what has happened… and in Mumbai?! A city that is known for its law and order, and safety. As a fellow artist, a fan, as part of fraternity I expect some action to be taken by the Authorities against the miscreants responsible for this rowdy misconduct and violence.”

If reports are to be believed, the MLA’s son tried to take a selfie with the singer. Later, Sonu was pushed and his team member Rabbani who came to help him was thrown from the stairs at the music festival last night. Post the incident, Sonu filed a complaint.

The singer was quoted as saying by ANI, “After the concert, I was coming down from the stage when a man, Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar, held me. He then pushed Hari and Rabbani who came to save me. Then, I fell on the steps. I filed a complaint so that people would think about forcefully taking selfies and causing scuffle.”

On Tuesday, Sonu was spotted at the airport. He assured his fans that he is ok and that there’s nothing to worry. He even posed for paparazzi.

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