Shah Rukh Khan slammed by Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid for dubbing ‘The Lion King’; SRK fans bash the actor black and blue

Image Source - Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan is voicing over for the character of ‘Mufasa’ in the live-action take on ‘The Lion King’. SRK’s video of doing the voiceover for ‘Mufasa’ was shared more than a couple of weeks before, and it still remains one of the topmost trending videos on YouTube. That’s the fan following King Khan can boast of. With so many fans, there is bound to be some haters as well. One of them seems to be the popular Pakistani actor Shaan Shahid.

Shaan Shahid, the Pakistani actor, replied on Shah Rukh Khan’s post where he had shared the ‘Mufasa’ video. Shaan spoke his heart out in a series of replies and blastedKing Khan. Shaan Shahid wrote, “Pls don’t destroy an iconic film with Hindi dub .. no difference in shahrukhs voice it is like any other V/O he does for his films . At least change your voice expression for a lions dub (sic).” He went on to further write, “James Earl Jones must be laughing.. what Shahrukh failed to understand if that the characters in the film are sketched according to the dubbing artists facial expressions .. if you see simba he resembles Matthew brodrick (sic).”

With this, SRK fans just couldn’t take it anymore and they went on bashing Shaan Shahid for his comments. Here’s what some of the fans had to say to Shaan Shahid.

Shaan Shahid kept trying to defend himself in a series of tweets replying to all the haters, but he just couldn’t pacify them. One after the other he kept reverting trying to clarify himself but to no avail. More and more SRK fans just kept bashing him black and blue.

Just a little piece of advice Shaan Shahid, you could have just apologised once or deleted the tweet and all would have been sorted. But now that you have opened a can of worms, it’s surely going to haunt you for the days to come. Social media and trolls just do that to you!

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