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Everyone knows that Shah Rukh Khan used to smoke a lot during the start of his career. While the actor has supposedly quit smoking now, a look at old pictures and videos will show you just how dependent the actor was on the tobacco product. In a recent chat, SRK’s Koyla co-stars Pradeep Rawat spoke up about SRK’s addiction and why he tagged him a ‘true chain smoker’.

Shah Rukh Khan was a ‘true chain smoker’

While chatting with Siddharth Kannan on his podcast, Pradeep Rawat got candid about Shah Rukh Khan’s chain-smoking day. The Koyla actor said, “I wasn’t close to Shah Rukh during the shooting, but he was always well-mannered and a wonderful person. One thing I remember vividly is that I haven’t seen any other actor smoke as much as he did. He would light a cigarette, use it to light another, and then light yet another one.” He added, “He was a true chain smoker. Nonetheless, his dedication to the film was undeniable.”

Last year, during an AMA session on Twitter, a fan asked Shah Rukh if he had quit smoking. To this, the ever-witty King Khan replied, “Yes he lied, surrounded by a thick plume of smoke from his cancer stick!”

Pradeep on Hrithik Roshan

During the same conversation, Pradeep also spoke about Hrithik Roshan being an AD for Koyla. He said, “Hrithik Roshan was an assistant director in Koyla. I remember Hrithik would come in the evening to give the script to Johnny Lever. Rakesh ji is a very large-hearted person and if any evening passed without a party, then it wasn’t a film shot by Rakesh Roshan. He used to call everyone and there would be food and everything. Then they would go to a disco. He would knock on everyone’s door and call everybody.”

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